Bull: A Puppet Musical

Bull PosterMaybe it's not just your imagination. Maybe the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

Bull: A Puppet Musical is an original play crafted and performed by Thistledown Puppets and premiered as a part of the Roanoke, Virginia Arts Festival in 2008. The show has since been licensed by TED UK and performed at the Sensatori resort in Crete.

This is a story about Bull, an intellectual bovine who thinks his life will be better if he can escape the farm and move to the city. Audiences will laugh, smile, and wonder as Bull, Pig, Ewe, and Rooster dance and sing their own personal takes on Bull's "grass is greener" philosophy.

Bull: A Puppet Musical is a play that is intellectually challenging but family-friendly, a rare combination in children's theatre.