The ART of Puppet Building

At Thistledown Puppets, we believe puppets are essentially tools that are used to tell a story. And these tools should not only be well constructed, but visually appealing. While the most important element in puppetry is a good puppeteer, we strongly believe that each puppet character should be a work of art in itself, incorporating all of the elements of good design: line, shape, color, and texture. And--since we’ve got experience performing puppets, we know how to build a puppet that is both performer-friendly and sturdy enough to stand up to the demands of a rigorous performance schedule.

So from simple and lighthearted to complex and commanding characters, our goal is to create living sculptures for puppet performers and enthusiasts. Contact us and allow us to put our creativity to work to help you tell your next story!

Custom Puppets

Using a variety of professional techniques and materials, Thistledown can build everything from simple hand puppets to more complicated and intricate foam and rod puppets that do everything from smile to bat their eyes. Contact us for more information.

Puppet Character Design

Whether you need an idea developed or already have a character in mind, Thistledown Puppets can put our art and design background to use and create a puppet concept that will develop the best ideas and then bring those ideas to life. Contact us for pricing.

Nan Design
Nan Build Nan Completed

What Are Folks Saying?

"Philip is a fantastic vendor. His communication skills and work ethic allow for an easily executed project. We are in constant communication whenever we do work together. He is always on time and delivers above what is expected work!" -- Bill Rawley, Hasbro

"Working with Philip was refreshing. He was quick to pick up on my vision of the final product which allowed him to lead with his creative expertise. His suggestions were spot on which gave me the opportunity to have a hand in the creation process. Any client appreciates being heard. His professionalism far exceeded my expectations." -- Kevin Keigley, Look-Up Lodge

"The quality of work was excellent. The level of detail in the puppet was as professional as it can get. I am still amazed at the level of care and detail put into the puppet. The way he achieved a certain look is amazing." -- Kevin Airgid, Airgid Media:

"Working with Mr. Hatter was a positive and professional experience. He helped us make good choices and exceeded expectations throughout the process. The final products were of the highest quality and have really helped solidify our new business." -- Dan Stechow, Kids Music Underground: