About Thistledown Puppets

Thistledown Puppets is a family friendly puppet company dedicated to entertaining and inspiring the child in everyone—and we want to share our love of puppets with you!

Our commitment to excellence means that whether you are ordering a custom puppet for your next project or enjoying one of our live productions, you’ll know that Thistledown Puppets products and services are of the highest quality available.

Thistledown Puppets provides custom puppet building, puppet design, and consultation for marketing, theater, personal collections, or for any occasion. We would love to work with you on your next project. Contact us or call (540) 597-8310.

Philip Hatter

The founder and director of Thistledown Puppets, Philip Hatter is an experienced puppet builder and puppeteer. Philip’s background and degree are in the visual arts and include sculpture and concentrations in caricature and cartooning. He loves how puppetry combines all of his artistic interests from design to performance. Philip believes in a strong visual approach to character design, is meticulous in his craft, and strives for the highest quality in all he does.


Jessie Hatter

With over 15 years experience in sales, marketing, and administration, Jessie takes care of our day to day operations. She is also our quality control. Nothing leaves the workshop without her stamp of approval. A talented singer and performer herself, she sometimes takes the stage to bring puppet characters to life.

Sean Hatter

Puppeteer and creative tour de force Sean Hatter has been performing with puppets since he was a child. An accomplished artist in his own right, Sean performs alongside his brother, Philip, in most all of the Thistledown shows. Sean’s gift is the life and individuality that he brings to each puppet he operates. From the subtle movements to the distinctive voices he gives each character, Sean transforms each puppet into a believable little actor.


Alex Lucas

Certified teacher and professional writer Alex Lucas knows how to tell a story. His experiences in education and publishing, as well as his love of theatre, literature, and film all provide the right mix for some of the most unique children’s plays anywhere. Alex chooses every word carefully in order to ensure that every production is teeming with excellence.